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5 Reasons these are the hottest men alive








Ladies and germs it’s time for another fun filled 5 reasons!!! Yay! Due to the overwhelming response (okay, none), I’ve decided to give you yet another installment. I think this is a goodie too.


1) Robert EFFING Pattinson:gq_009  Has anyone seen him? That in itself should be enough reason but we’re gonna go ahead and give you a few more reasons that he is sooooo effing hot. First of all, 2 words, Edward Cullen. He took the role of the best written example of perfection in a man you can come across and made it feel real. Then there is the musician factor which will immediately up any man’s sexy factor in my book. The whole shy, funny, greasy haired dirty boy thing is just so endearing I could choke on it. I could keep going but if all that hasn’t convinced you then all I can say is, LOOK AT HIM!!!


2) Russell Brand( THE BRIT INVASION CONTINUES):russell brand This man is hilarious! I am insanely attracted to a man with a good sense of humor, and he is a scream. Russell has been in a few movies as of late, most notably Forgetting Sarah Marshall. If you haven’t seen it, slap yourself in the face, then go watch it. What makes him even more lovable is that he is a recovering addict as well and has also written a best seller book. I love someone who has experienced things, even people with baggage can turn a new leaf and he has while still maintaining his career. Plus that hair, the clothes, the accent, humpalicious!




3) Dane Cook: dane cook First things first, look at that picture! Jesus Christ shepherd of Judea ! I mean the new look is soooo working babe. The suit, the GQ hair, yes please. Dane is hilarious, riotously so. He is obviously hugely successful in his stand-up career but he also does things like go to Iraq to give the troops some much needed comic relief. A funny, hot, man with a heart? I’m thinking if you tried you couldn’t come up with better, unless of course he suddenly became a musician as well.


4) Billy Joe Armstrong:  I defy you to listen to Green Day and not be a lil bit turned on by that voice. ya just can’t do it. Billy is this crazy talented guy who writes these songs that are so infectious and touching. Okay okay okay, let’s talk fave Green Day songs:She for sure. Listen to it people! Those lyrics are insane, I mean really. Okay here’s a lil peek: She, she screams in silence, a sullen riot penetrating through her mind.  See? Insane right? Not to mention he’s a devoted father and he’s got this whole dirty rock singer thing about him. I have to admit the guyliner is totally working for me. Take a look at the history green day has and then check out some of their charitable acts and he becomes even more appealing without even trying. After all, effortless sex appeal is the best kind.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Green_Daytony bourdain




5) Tony Bourdain (above): Let’s get to some older man eye candy people. Anthony, Anthony, Anthony, you sexy bitch. Tony is the host of his own show on the travel channel called Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations. He’s also a renowned chef which I have to tell you is pretty effing appealing. Who doesn’t love a man that can cook? He has these rugged good looks, earring and all. The best part about this guy though is how really cool he is. In a recent show he said “my favorite color: black, Favorite band: the ramones, favorite drink: mojito,cause that’s what i’m drinking right now.” Really? Did he just say his favorite band is the Ramones? Yes bitches he really did. The friggin Ramones are one of the greatest bands of all time! The fact that he even knows who they are and doesn’t refer to them as noise is hot. He smokes, he drinks, he loves punk. What else can I say?


Okay so there it is. The list of the 5 hottest men alive and why they are what they are. Hope you dug it. leave me some comments and tell me who you think is the hottest man/woman alive!