About 5



Where to begin? There’s so much to say. Okay, first things first, I ( Aquired taste/ izzy), started this blog in April of 2009 after realizing that I had alot to say about alot of really random  important  things. I did a few entries about whatever came to mind and then one day I did an entry about 5 reasons why I thought gay marriage should be legal. Lo and behold, I had hits, lots of them. And so 5 was born. After doing a few entries I started to have a lil writer’s block and called my home slice for life Kimmie. Together we sat on the phone, running up her  bill  thinking up the next edition of 5 and laughing our asses off, as we always do.


After I had called Kimmie for the 3rd time asking for advice we decided she should be co-author, as she was helping me write these crazy snipets of insanity so frequently now. The 5 reasons you have come to know and love was born and we are both so excited to see how far we can take this thing. Kimmie and I have been friends since elementary school and though we live far away from eachother now, we are still the closest friends can be.  Almost 18 years of friendship and too much intimate knowledge of eachother has made it very easy for us to play off eachother’s wit and it results in this incredibly offensive, obscene, and hopefully hilarious blog.


  1. Kimmie Said:

    Hey you need to put something here about us and how it started….blowing up a $200 phone bill discussing the top 5 is so worth writing about (oh yeah forgot to fill you in got my phone bill yesterday….OMG we really can get carried away sometimes….but it’s worth every damn penny….


  2. MOM Said:

    Oh I see…..that part about people thinking you’re dead was about me……that’s why you get all desperate looking when you’re waking me up.

    May be I should write a guest column on 5 reasons I thought you and Kimmie would never make it to adult hood….

    You should read these two…..they have plenty of crazy stories to tell, believe me…I lived it.

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