5 Best Stoner Movies……. EVER!!

5-1u73177dy7nhIn honor of all my stoner friends, ex-smokers, and KStew ( I know you love the herbage girl), I have decided to list what I think are the best stoner movies of all time. I know, a sober person has no right, I too have smoked the green and leafy before ( I didn’t inhale! LOL) but I have since changed my ways. I like to spend quality time with my brain cells but as I said, this is for you guys, I love ya all and for the love of god, buy your own damn cheetos!


1) Pineapple Express: James Franco and SEth Rogen star in this half stoner flick half action movie. This is borderline retardation on film, which is why it’s funny. Seth sees a murder, James sells him weed so good “it’s almost a shame to smoke it….. it’s like killing a unicorn.” It’s full of slapstick comedy, raunchy humor and gaggles (yes gaggles, don’t be a dick) of weed. They smoke in the woods, have a light sabre fight in said woods, and find an underground pot garden……. wait, how did they get their hands on my dream journal?


t01009sopuq2) Half  Baked: Enough said. It’s fuggin half baked people, it’s the epitome of stoner movies. It’s a classic. It’s, well about weed. You have star appearances by a huge number of talent, which let’s be honest, may be in short order otherwise. I mean Jim Breur? I love a good gaot boy ref like anyone else but the talent pool is a smidge shallow, it’s pretty much this and half man half goats. Anyway, the movie has it all, even Jerry Garcia’s ashes. My suggestion? hit the bong and watch it every 420.



t78189ifvwg3) Grandma’s Boy:  If you think that Grandma’s Boy is the story of a mild-mannered guy who still idolizes his gramma, think again. Starring Allen Covert, who typically appears in  Adam Sandler’s flicks, this Grandma’s Boy shows he can carry a stoner flick just by being the loveable loser.  Grandma’s Boy stars Covert as Alex, a 35-year-old video game tester who loves to smoke pot with his roommate Josh. Only Josh spends all the rent money on hookers and the pair get tossed out of their place. Alex goes to live with grandma and her two friends. And, well, it’s totally dumb and immature. But so funny. He spends his free time creating his own video- game and it gets stolen by his douche bag boss ( i wonder how much clothes cost in the matrix). Stoner hi-jinks ensue and before you know it someone utters one of my favorite movie lines “I’m way too baked to drive to the Devil’s house.” Watch and try not to pee yourself.


D551074) Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke:  They are the godfathers of weed.  They prove just that by taking their comedy routine to the big screen in their first full-length movie. With so many Cheech and Chong stoner flicks to choose from, we went with the original and probably the best of the series, Up in Smoke, if only for having the biggest joint in film history. For your viewing enjoyment, check out my favorite part of the movie, where Cheech declares “I can smoke anything” when he tells Chong about his special blend made with Labrador (part marijuana, part dog shiz ’cause his dog ate his stash). It’s a cinematic gem, damn those stingy Oscar people!!


5)super-high-me Super High Me:  Super High Me takes Morgan Spurlock’s concept of eating McDonald’s for 30 days straight and replaces it with pot. Comedian Doug Benson tackles this task head-on, firstnot smoking  pot for 30 days before  smoking it for 30 days. What he does in the process is continue doing his stand up, which I have to say was way more funny than before, and goes through tests to see how it effects him physically and mentally.   He experiences weight gain and decreased lung capacity, but his intelligence scores and sperm count go up ( score one for the smokers!!!).  All in all, a good time, he’s a funny guy,and if you look closely you might see other familiar faces in the background tokin it up with him. I loved it, watch it in your weed leaf bikini or wearing your rine stone encrusted pot leaf  belt buckle!



Wow, that went up faster than I thought it would, I feel a little contact just from writing it. I think I’ll go now, eat some Doritos, drink a luke warm Mt.Dew and go to sleep in my jeans.

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  1. Kimmie Said:

    LMAO…..you might not hit the shit anymore but your still a pot head at heart sis…..

    Love You, Miss You


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