5 hottest women alive!!!!!!!!!!!



As I’m sure you all know I recently did a 5 hottest men alive installment of 5 Reasons. I decided in the spirit of fairness that I would also put up a list of the 5 hottest women. I came to realize I had no idea who I would put on that list cuz while I know who I think is pretty, I’m not a dude, and after all, who is gonna need to agree with this more, me or a dude? After some intense male discussion(why was it so serious guys?), this is what we came up with, even after a while we had to decide what was sexy and appealing then go for women who were those things. It was way hard, boys are soooooo picky! Any-whoo, here it is in all it’s glory. Also, just so ya know, they are in no specific order.


1) Megan Fox:megan-2

Oh my damn. This girl is smokin hot according to all my male counterparts and even I have to admit that she’s pretty damn attractive. What apparently adds to this sexy factor is taht she’s unopposed to some girl on girl action and we all know how you boys love that!! I think the combo of dark hair, blue eyes and tattoos all over are a big HELLZ YEAH no matter what sex you are.


2)Hayley Williams:hayley Hayley is the lead singer of Paramore, a rock band from Franklin Tn. She has this amazing voice you would never expect to come from such a little person, she’s a mere 5’1. The musician factor is sexy no matter whether you ask men or women, something about a musically inclined person is way hotter than anything else. She is also apparently uber funny and who can’t appreciate the girl’s unique sense of style, not everybody can pull off screaming red hair.




3) Jessica Alba: jessica-alba-2-gm_l5I know, it was almost a given. But what can I say? The men folk have spoken, and they say she’s hot. In fact, every man that I asked about this list and who should be on it said that she absolutely had to be. These are the words of a good friend of mine(who shall remain shameless): It’s the face, and those lips, in that one movie where she was a diver or something her ass was like POW!” I’m not sure I get the POW factor but hey, they say list her and I do. She’s hot, she’s a mommy(love that a mom was listed), and she makes her ass say POW! What more is there to say?



4) Jenny Mcarthy:jm15 I fought for this one! While we all agreed that she is defs a hottie, some thought she wasn’t top 5 material. But I write this blog so I get to do what I want! Jenny is hot in all the ways that I think matter, first of all being hilarious. I love a good fart joke like the rest of the world and she has no issue making one, or cuttin one, whatev. I think it’s refreshing to see this beautiful blonde chic laugh at farts and be okay with just being herself. The only other hollywood people that do that type-o-shiz are men like the wretched, not funny Jack Black. If that isn’t enough just take a peep at her, she’s blonde, she’s got great boobs, she’s hot, she’s an activist for autism, what more could you possible want from a girl?



5) Eliza Dushku:eliza-dushku-gm_l3 Okay, somebody I get. Helloooo Eliza! I love this chic, maybe a little warm and fuzzy, slightly inappropriate feeling. Here is a well known fact among my friends and fam, I’m a nerd. Yes I know, hard to believe but true. I remeber seeing her in some early 90’s or late 80’s flick where she ws some silly teenager obsessed with some guy who worked at a burger joint and I thought ” I like her”. Then there was Buffy. Oh Buffy how I love thee. She pops up as Faith, another slayer, a naughty one. I LOVED IT. It seemed, maybe just to me, that being the bad ass, slightly slutty slayer came only too easy to her. Maybe it wasn’t a stretch, I hope not. I love a girl who can kick ass and be a little dirty.



That’s it, the 5 hottest list. I hope you found someone to stick in your spank bank and enjoyed the list!

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  1. Luke Said:

    Here Here!!!! Eliza Dusku…….YEAYA!!!!!!!!

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