Who should make the list??? 5 hottest women alive?

5-6I’m compiling my list for the female version of the 5 hottest and I find that while I have a few definites( from my men folks), I still have a few spots left open. I’m conflicted about who should be listed so I’m asking for help!!!! I need you guys to tell me who should be on this list and why. Maybe Megan Foxx? Beyonce? Hayley Williams or Jessica Alba? You tell me!!! Then keep checking back to see who made the final cut!! Thanks in advance for any suggestions and I can’t wait to hear from you all!


                    Aquired Taste


  1. great site! (love the layout, of course! we use it)

    How about UC & Moon?

    • aquiredtaste Said:

      I would love to list you ladies!! Send me a pic!!! I love your site as well, I read it everyday. Tell the ladies I say hi and they’re HILARIOUS!

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