5 Reasons

This is a new lil segment in my lovely blog. I’m calling it 5 Reasons. In this segment I will give you a subject and 5 reasons why it rocks, or sucks. Why you shouls be into it, or shun it for life. 5 Reasons may be ridiculous at times but I think in general it should be entertaining, with that said, let’s go with this shiz.



1) Gay men are way better than having female friends. They can tell you your outfit is bad, help you find a better one, know all the gossip on celebs and the people in your life, they get away with far more cattiness than women do, and if you are lucky enough to run upon a fab gay couple then you get 2 of those. you know what they say, 2 is better than one.


2) It would piss off alot of people. Now I know that may seem petty but the people who don’t agree with gay marriage are usually so uptight and conservative that it’s hilarious to see tham the least bit ruffled. And you have to admit, Miss California definitely has some much deserved aggravation due to her. I mean be serious, gay marriage is wrong but taking your clothes off  for god only knows who and getting breast implants isn’t? I guess she’s not that up to date on her scripture lists of things that are a sin.


3) Lesbians are so handy. Have you ever had to hang up a coat rack in your hallway or change a tire with no man in sight? Just call your les friends and they’ll rush right over to help you in all your home repair needs. And if your lucky les friend isn’t the butchy type then you can take them to the clubs or bars with you, they’ll help you draw the attention of boys without ever having any competiton. My fave thing about lesbians is that unlike straight women, they will not try to sleep with your man or take your husband. And when you have a married les couple like ellen or rosie then the power of les love is almost contagious. Besides, what if you need 2 coatracks put up?


4) Some of the most important people in history were GAY!!!!!  If being gay means you lose all rights as a human being then we can’t acknowledge some of the greatest minds and works in history. Many many gay people have been incredibly significant in art,politics, and medical fields throughout history. Let’s look at Salvador Dali, so completely gay and incredibly talented, his art has been some of the most sought after in the world for years and was wayyyyy before his time. Pedro Zamora, most known for his role on The Real World, was one of the first openly gay HIV patients on television. His hard work and dedication to awareness and protection reached thousands of people before his tragic death. That is just a few, the fact is everyone in this country and around the world deserve to be happy, to be loved, and to be treated equally. Besides, gay men have some strange talent to be unnaturally witty when it comes to insults, you don’t wanna be on the receiving end of an angry gay man. You might wind up being told your outfit, hair and general demeanor are so far from anything acceptable that you should lock yourself in a closet until you’ve mended your ways. OUCH.


5)  It’s the right thing to do.  I know, I know, the bible says otherwise. Well let me just say a few things about the bible. Jesus didn’t write it, before you send the army-o-christians after me just read on. The bible was written by men after he died. Not his words,theirs. Don’t you think that it may be possible that someone along the way put what they wanted in it instead of the true words of god? The bible also says not to have pre-marital sex, in fact it says that sex for any reason other that pro-creation is a sin. I don’t know about you but I have had my fair share of nonbaby making sex and I’m thinking I’m good. At the end of the day what we have is a case of prejudice that is being not only tolerated but in some instances strongly endorsed. I’m pretty sure that jesus is all the way against that.

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