My first lil blog


  Since you have decided to grace me with your reading I thought I would intro you to me. I’ll be going by aquiredtaste here, it’s like I have a secret identity!! So cool, though the fact that I’m so excited about it kinda makes this less cool. I think I’ll write you a lil letter so you get to me.


 Dear reader,

       I’m  Aquiredtaste. I love books and music of all kinds. I plan on commenting about absolutely anything that comes to mind because that’s what I do. I’m currently a lil more than healthy obsessed with Rob Pattinson and I’m pretty sure it’s driving myhubby insane (he’s a really good sport though). He likes to call him Rob Thomas, or Kardashian, anyone with the same name. It’s his way of fighting the power.Here’s a lil pic so you get it.gq_009

           Yeah, that’s better.  Let’s see, what else?  I think that picture just gave me serious concentration issues, maybe I should take it down( No baby I would never delete you!). On second thought, it’s such a nice pic,I think I’ll leave it. Anyhoo, you may be second ahnd embarassed by some of the things I’ll be sharing or talking about here, try to overlook your immediate response to be horrified. I’m only being real,and I think that can be appreciated once you get past the initial shock.

       For instance, I think that Beth ditto is quite possibly the most important person in music right now. Who is Beth ditto? The lead singer of the gossip. Beth Ditto is an out and proud lesbian and on top of that she is plus sized. She is breaking many stereotypes regularly and becoming quite the fashion icon as well. I love her!! She is so comfortable with herself and her body, she’s extremely talented, and she is changing the idea of beautiful which so many women struggle with. Here’s a lil snapshot84_thegossip_l081106. Rock out Ditto! So suk on that, she rocks, she’s gay, she’s large. Hate if ya want but don’t be surprised when I tell you how f-ing stupid you are right to your face.


Hmmm, this is going well. What else? Oh right, recent reports about the swine flu have people’s panties all in a twist. Here’s what I say, DON’T FREAK OUT!!! I seem to remember something like this happening about the bird flu which never amounted to anything. There have been no U.S. deaths and only 1 hospitalization so why all the scary faces? People get  so wound up about things that they tend to bring about hysteria where there needn’t be any. Don’t get me wrong, if this shiz blows up and people start dropping, then I say worry. Until then stock up on Germ-x and relax for shit’s sake.


   I think that’s all for now. First post awesome! Hope you’ll come back and see me.


  1. aquiredtaste Said:

    you rock self!!

  2. Kimmie Said:

    Hell yeah you commented on your self…..and this is why your my BFF…….we just get it…

    Love You Izzy!!!!!


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