How do you know you’re gay?

I’d like to start off by saying this is not meant to be some sicko rant. It’s funny lil things that let you know you’re a GIANT cheeseball. Don’t get your scooby doo undies in a twist okay?



1) you say flippin instead of the F bomb. Man up and go for that R rating!! Don’t be scared, just say it! All the cool kids are doing it.

2) You have iron on portraits of your fave celebs and put them on you underoos.(Yes it’s real) I happen to know a person who has Rob Pattinso’s pic on her undies. She put it there!! While I love him as much as the next fan(stalker), Undies? It’s a bit much. Now if Rob wanted to put my face on his undies…….. I’d like to suggest he makes this face.~~~~~~>



3) If you think Susan boyle is the next big star, yeah she can sing. Yes she has gotten alot of exposure from her lil appearance on tv but let’s be serious, she will not be doing any big tours or selling out Madison Square Garden anytime soon. She’s asweet old lady from Britain and she is talented but she’s also 47 I think and claims to have never been kissed. It’s sad really.

4) You think that Kristen Stewart’s odd blinky thing is cute. I was almost screaming at the screen while I watched Twilight for the 1st( thousandth) time. It looks like she’s having her stroke in installments. I can’t stand it. Oh sweet lord, at the the end in the hospital she’s all wuddya,who,why,huh,muh. It’s almost too much to bear. Why she decided to do that as part of her acting technique is beyond me, check her other movies, it’s not there. It’s like she decided to play Bella as a psych patient who suffers from nervous twitches.

5) If you’r e offended at the gratitous use of the word gay. It’s not a big deal, I myself am the farthest thing from a homophobe and fully support gay rights in all aspects. Just ask my longtime friend, the queen of fierce, Les. He’s (yes he) has been a longtime friend-o-mine and I love him dearly. I just happen to use the word gay to describe things that are cheesy. The pic below is him and he’s never offended when I ask him you know how I know you’re gay? Usually he responds with something witty like, ” Cuz I like men?’ To which I reply, ” No, cuz you know all the words to Baby One more time and Believe”. Don’t get all offended.  I don’t get upset when people use the term “psycho” even though it prolly describes me personally, so you don’t get offended if I tell you that I know you’re gay because you say dagnabbit and know all the words to Livin La Vida Loca.



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