Let’s see, things that I want to say……. okay, let’s start with the basic stuff. The economy, if Obama comes on tv one more time saying that people should not be worried I think I’m going to shit my pants. Let’s be honest, if you’re not worried you are dumb, and the only reason he’s not is because his job isn’t laying him off, his house can’t be foreclosed on, and he doesn’t have to worry about what he’s gonna do about his family and their future. The rest of us however should be scared shitless, for once I just wish he would come on tv and say,” Okay people, shit is all jacked up, start panicking cuz the lifeboats are not coming.” It’s insulting to think that anyone in our government believes a few reassuring words are going to appease people who are about to be homeless. Honesty, just once, would be great. I mean really, it’s not like we all don’t know what’s happening anyway.

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